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dc.description.abstractCompilation of all Anti-Apartheid movements in Western Europe and extract from the Boston Globe Newspaper of Friday, 3rd October 1986 with types of sanctions which were adopted by the United States. Imposed sanctions to South Africa were on Financials, Imports, Exports, Airlines and other provisions that prohibits from buying goods and services from South Africa, promoting tourism to South Africa or cooperation with the South African military except for intelligence-gathering activities.
dc.publisherBureau Permanent de l'OAU a Bruxellesen
dc.subjectBelgian-based Anti-Apartheid and Anti-Colonialism Committeeen
dc.subjectWestern Europeen
dc.subjectSouth Africaen
dc.subjectUS Investmentsen
dc.subjectSouth African state-owned companiesen
dc.subjectSouth African Airwaysen
dc.titleEffects of Sanctions Imposed on South Africaen
au.contributor.authorBureau Permanent de l'OAU a Bruxellesen

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