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dc.contributor.authorAfrican Union
dc.description.abstractAfrica has consistently influenced the world community since the very origin of humankind. Africans participated in the growth and development of knowledge, the arts, and spirituality. The Pan-African movement was essentially anchored in this historical legacy and the imperative necessity of the continent and its Diaspora to regain its dignity after centuries ·of slavery followed by colonial rule. The Pan -African movement, which was spearheaded mainly by the African Diaspora, was based on three main pillars, namely (i) Shared historical and cultural values (ii) Collective self- reliance and self-sufficiency (iii) Political freedom. The interaction between the movement and African researchers and political leaders has greatly influenced the struggle for independence in Africa, of which the search for unity and collective action was part and parcel. This study has shown that, in spite of the difficulties encountered in the process of the search for unity and purpose of action by African countries over the years, the continent is uniquely poised to achieve this objective through the Union Government project. This is so because of the shared values and common interest of African countries, as well as the holistic approach to its development challenges since the LPA and the FAL to the Union Government project, through the Abuja Treaty, the African Union and NEPAD.
dc.publisherAfrican Union
dc.titleStudy on an African union government towards the united states of Africa

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