About AU Common Repository

The African Union Common Repository acquires processes and preserves materials of enduring value to the organization, produced by the African Union, researchers, AU constituents such as Regional Offices as well as collaborating partners. The archives collects all official documents of the AU including, but not limited to, conferences working documents, reports, departmental reports, AU commissioned studies as well as correspondences. In as far as administrative documents are concerned; the archives shall take custody of inactive records in all possible formats including print, electronic or audio and visuals. In its endeavor to become the final comprehensive repository for all materials documenting the history and development of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and the African Union (AU), the Archives also collects speeches by members of the organization staff, organizational publicity material, special groups (such as Staff Association) records and others

  1. Mission
  2. The main mission of the AU Common Repository is to:

    • Appraise, collect, organize, catalogue, and preserve both primary and secondary materials pertaining to the OAU/AU heritage and to disseminate to the right audience such information as held in the sources.
    • Strive to provide adequate facility for retention and preservation of records of both the OAU and AU
    • Serve as a reference site/centre for researchers interested in the OAU and the AU as organizations
    • Formulate and implement records management procedures that will ensure the collection and preservation of OAU/AU archival materials.
  3. Scope of collections
  4. The AU Archives aims to comprehensively collect documents of enduring value pertaining to the history and heritage of the Organization. The Archives, as the main memory of the organization, places emphasis on the documentation of evolution of events and policies. In view of this, the archives will, in addition to the completed documents, endeavour to collect documents that record the process, for instance, materials that illustrate or document how and why decisions were taken and how policies were made. The Archives strives to create a comprehensive repository of OAU and AU records and documents.

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