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dc.contributor.authorOrganisation of African Unity (XXXVI) AHG/Dec. 143-159 (XXXVI) AHG/OAU/AEC/Dec.1 (IV)
dc.descriptionAssembly Of Heads Of State And Government Thirty-Sixth Ordinary Session/ Fourth Ordinary Session Of The African Economic Community 10-12 July, 2000 Lome, Togo
dc.publisherOrganisation of African Unity
dc.subject3rd United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countrie
dc.subjectLome declaration
dc.subjectLome declaration on HIV/AIDS in Africa
dc.titleDeclarations And Decisions Adopted By The Thirtysixth Ordinary Session Of The Assembly Of Heads Of State And Government
au.identifier.referenceAHG/Decl.1-6 (XXXVI) AHG/Dec. 143-159 (XXXVI) AHG/OAU/AEC/Dec.1 (IV)
au.contributor.authorOrganisation of African Unity

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  • Assembly Collection [1643]
    Holds documents from The AU Assembly as well as The OAU Heads of State and Governments

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