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dc.contributor.authorOrganization of African Unity
dc.descriptionAgenda proposals and amendments for the preparatory conference of foreign ministersen
dc.description.abstractEurope's advancement in science-particularly its mastery of the science of war, enabled it to colonize practically all the known world. Africa met the same fate and her peoples were divided and subjected to colonial rule and oppression, As many oppressed peoples of history were able to wrest their freedom-the peoples of Africa were also able to regain their human dignity and win their freedom and independence by limitless self-sacrifice, toil and by shedding their blood. As the number of those of Africans who became independent increased, they were able to obtain their rightful place in the family of nations. Furthermore, as the African family of nations increased, it became necessary to concert their actions and to assert the unity of their peoples so as to free all their peoples from colonial rule and oppression and to prevent the enemy, which had divided them and held them in slavery from reappearing under a new guise. Inspired by the fundamental unity of their peoples and convinced that it was in the interest of their well-being to assert it they agreed to meet at a conference of the Heads of State of all independent Africa so as to confirm the ageless aspirations of their peoples. This first volume of the collection of the documents of the conference by showing the work of the leaders of the continent would sufficiently explain the historic eved. It would also show the struggle and victory of Africa.en
dc.publisherOrganization of African Unityen
dc.subjectAfrican statesen
dc.subjectColonial ruleen
dc.subjectHuman diginityen
dc.titleProceedings of the summit conference of independent African states Vol. 1 Section 1en
au.identifier.referenceConfidential Agenda/ Conf/1en
au.declaration.cityAddis Ababaen
au.declaration.summitSummit conference of independent African states meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopiaen
au.location.printAfrican Union Archivesen
au.event.cityAddis Ababaen

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