The African Union (AU) Common Repository acquires processes and preserves materials of enduring value to the organization, produced by the African Union, researchers, AU constituents such as Regional Offices as well as collaborating partners. The Common Repository collects all official documents of the AU including, but not limited to, conferences working documents, reports, departmental reports, AU commissioned studies as well as correspondences.

Le référentiel commun de l'Union africaine (UA) acquiert des processus et préserve les matériaux d'une valeur durable pour l'organisation, produits par l'Union africaine, des chercheurs, des mandants de l'UA tels que les bureaux régionaux et des partenaires collaborateurs. Le référentiel commun rassemble tous les documents officiels de l'UA, y compris, sans toutefois s'y limiter, les documents de travail des conférences, les rapports, les rapports de département, les études commandées par l'UA ainsi que les correspondances.


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  • Bulletin of Epizootic Diseases of Africa 

    Organization of African Unity; S.T.R.C. (Inter-African Bureau for Animal Health, 1972-03)
    Isolation of Marek's disease virus in Lebanon; general principles governing the diagnosis of virus diseases of animals; Serological investigation into Q fever in Sudanese camels; a Survey of Skin Diseases of Pigs in Kenya; ...
  • Africa's Infrastructure: a time for transformation 

    Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic (Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic, 2005-10-01)
    Africa's growth performance has improved markedly during the last decade. Ten out of 48 countries experienced sustained economic growth in excess of 5 percent for the past three years or longer. But that performance still ...
  • Consensus statement and the way ahead 

    Economic Commission for Africa (African Union Commission, 2002-03-03)
    African unity is a challenge facing citizens of all African countries, governments, elected representatives, civil society, and the private sector. Africa’s political and economic integration is a concern for all Africans.
  • Bulletin of Epizootic Diseases of Africa 

    Organization of African Unity; S.T.R.C. (Inter-African Bureau for Animal Health, 1969-06)
    This project is concerned mainly with CBPP and it was felt that some aspects of the close relationship between this disease and CCPP should receive attention.
  • Proceeding and report of the Economic and Social Commission 

    Organization of African Unity (Organization of African Unity, 1964-01)
    The Economic and Social Commission of the Organization of African first session held in Niamey, Niger, from 9th to 13th December 1963 elected the chairman.

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